prison break fail

Last September 11th, there was a prison break at Ohio’s Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution. Three inmates, including convicted school shooter TJ Lane, used a makeshift ladder to scale the fence during evening recreation. They made a run for it. The first guy was captured within nine minutes. The next guy, Lane, was in custody just after 1 AM. The third managed three more hours of freedom.

Looks like what we have here is just another example of crooks not thinking ahead. They worked for months on their plan to get over the fence, but had no plan to get them away from the prison once they were out. This is not uncommon, which is probably a good thing for society. Hell, the guys who busted out of Eastern State in 1945 dug a tunnel for a about year and a half, but apparently never bothered to work out a plan for what to do after getting out. Like most escapees, they were focused solely on getting over the wall, Or in that case, under it.

Security camera video of the escape has been released. It shows the escaped cons fleeing after getting over the fence. Sadly, there is no video of them using their ladder. The camera that would have captured that moment in time that was disabled by lightning in June and never repaired. I guess the three escapees weren’t the only ones in this equation who failed to think ahead. At about the 1:40 mark, you can see the first man captured being marched back to the slammer.

Remember kids, prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

6 thoughts on “prison break fail

  1. John D.:
    Looks like what put these perps IN jail…managed to KEEP them coming back.
    (stupidity has NO respect for incarceration, thankfully)
    Good story.

    Stay safe & warm out there.


  2. Like Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark, they were making it up as they went along. It works better for fictional movie characters than real life fugitives. Apparently they had no friends or family willing to pick them up on the other side.


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