It’s all fun and games until…

I saw this video on Youtube earlier today. I don’t have any of the backstory, but the dialog is really interesting.

These folks, especially the female who does most of the talking, don’t seem to grasp the seriousness of the situation they’re in. It’s as if they’re all in a video game and there are no real consequences to their actions. Until the crash. How do people get so disconnected from reality?

Smash, grab, repeat…

Once upon a time, I used to work in retail loss prevention. I started out as a store detective catching shoplifters, then I advanced to LP manager where I was responsible for supervising detectives and conducting internal theft investigations. I was in that line of work for twelve years full time and two years part time. I’ve never really regretted my decision to move on to greener pastures, but with all that’s going on today, I’m even more certain I made the right decision.

How the hell do you handle swarms of people smashing display cases, loading up and running out the door? The only thing you can do is call the cops and wait for help to arrive. But these days it seems that help may not be on the way. And what would be the point? Prosecutors in a lot of these jurisdictions where this stuff is happening won’t even pursue the cases. It’s a sad state of affairs, to be sure.

Catch me if you can

Here’s an exciting car chase from San Bernardino County, CA that took place earlier today.

This was some pretty fancy driving. Dude threaded the needle a couple times. The one at 8:40 was especially close. Notice that you don’t see much of the cops. They were smart to hang back. Crowding a guy moving that fast through a busy highway would be too hazardous to the public, not to mention the cops and the suspect himself.

Our would-be Speed Racer would later thread the needle one time too many and clip a big rig, damaging the rear of the car. He eventually got off the interstate and bailed from the car. He was arrested later hiding in a house.

The moral of the story is that you can’t outrun the radio. I don’t care how fast your car is. If you don’t get killed, odds are that the cops are gonna get you.

Boredom is a killer

A fugitive in the UK got bored with laying low and went looking for some diversion. He found some, but not the kind he was looking for.

A prison escapee has been recaptured after coming out of hiding to buy Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War.As reported by Kotaku, Clint Butler had been hiding from UK police since November, having fled from Spring Hill prison in Buckinghamshire, where he was serving a 17-year sentence for robbery and firearms offences.

West Midlands Police spotted Butler and a friend out in Birmingham city centre in January and, after a scuffle, cuffed the former prisoner. When asked why Butler was in the city centre during the UK’s current lockdown measures, Butler’s friend told the police “I’ve come to get the new Call of Duty because I can’t sit around in lockdown.”

Butler wound up with 19 months added to his original sentence. I’m thinking that being in prison is even worse than pandemic lockdown. The food is worse, for sure. And I hear that the only video game you can play is Ms. Pac-Man.

It’s not always as easy as it looks

I often get frustrated when I hear people online or on TV talking about police use-of-force incidents. Most people have never been in a violent encounter in their adult lives. Don’t get me wrong, excessive force incidents do happen. But real life ain’t like the movies. Sometimes the bad guys don’t go down after the first bullet. Or the second. Or the third.

Check out this video from cop-turned-Youtuber Donut Operator. Sometimes coutiung the shots fired doesn’t tell you the whole story (Sadly, it’s age-restricted, so you’ll have to be signed in to view it).

Sometimes a less-than-lethal weapon would be a better option. But those don’t always work as intended either.

Sometimes things just don’t work out as intended. Even for cops. It’s always best to get all the facts before you jump to a conclusion.