MTV turns 40

I was surfing social media today when it came to my attention that today is MTV’s 40th anniversary.

Aggie has a point. It’s been quite some time since music has been the main mission of MTV. These days, it’s mostly “reality” shows. Ever-increasing music licensing fees bear a lot of the blame. Here’s a more humorous – and not entirely inaccurate – explanation for MTV’s fall from rock-and-roll grace.

If you’re nostalgic for the old days, this article contains a link to a Youtube playlist of the first 100 videos that aired on MTV.

RIP, Dusty Hill

I was sad to hear of the passing yesterday of ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill. Hill, 72, played bass for the band, as well as providing backing and occasionally co-lead vocals. In accordance with Hill’s wishes, ZZ Top will continue on with the band’s guitar tech, Elwood Francis taking over on bass.

I’ve been a big fan of ZZ Top since I bought the album Tejas in the late 70s. They were huge in the 70s, but really hit their stride in the 80s with the release of the chart-topping Eliminator. The music video from “Gimme All Your Lovin'” got massive airplay on MTV.

Rest in peace, Dusty Hill. Your music made the world a much cooler place.

Catch me if you can

Here’s an exciting car chase from San Bernardino County, CA that took place earlier today.

This was some pretty fancy driving. Dude threaded the needle a couple times. The one at 8:40 was especially close. Notice that you don’t see much of the cops. They were smart to hang back. Crowding a guy moving that fast through a busy highway would be too hazardous to the public, not to mention the cops and the suspect himself.

Our would-be Speed Racer would later thread the needle one time too many and clip a big rig, damaging the rear of the car. He eventually got off the interstate and bailed from the car. He was arrested later hiding in a house.

The moral of the story is that you can’t outrun the radio. I don’t care how fast your car is. If you don’t get killed, odds are that the cops are gonna get you.

The Many Saints of Newark

I’ve finally seen the trailer for the long-awaited prequel to The Sopranos titled The Many Saints of Newark. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you can check it out here:

This movie looks amazing! James Gandolfini’s son Michael plays a young Tony Soprano. Vera Farmiga plays Tony’s mother Livia. Jon Bernthal plays his dad, Johnny Boy Soprano. Ray Liotta is in the cast as well, but I don’t know who he’s playing.

The movie takes place during the “Long Hot Summer” of 1967. Tony looks to be in his late teens here. James Gandolfini was born in 1961, which would make him about six years old when this movie takes place. So either Tony was a decade older than the actor who played him, or they’re retconning his age. I’m not sure which it is, but it won’t bother me too much. I’m stoked to see this flick and I can suspend some disbelief for a couple hours.

The Many Saints of Newark has a release date of October 1, 2021.