RIP, Charles Grodin

Actor Charles Grodin died this week. Grodin was in some great films; Catch-22 and Heaven Can Wait come to mind. But my favorite of his movies was the 1988 action-comedy Midnight Run. He and Robert De Niro had excellent chemistry, but Grodin’s quirky fugitive stole every scene. This one’s a great example.

It’s been a few years since I’ve seen this movie. I really need to see it again.

Friday Movie Quote

“When some wild-eyed, eight-foot-tall maniac grabs your neck, taps the back of your favorite head up against the barroom wall, and he looks you crooked in the eye and he asks you if ya paid your dues, you just stare that big sucker right back in the eye, and you remember what old Jack Burton always says at a time like that: ‘Have ya paid your dues, Jack?’ ‘Yessir, the check is in the mail.'”

-Jack Burton (Kurt Russell), Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

It’s been one of those weeks

You ever have one of those weeks where it feels like the world is just piling on? I’m at the tail end of one of those right now. TGIF. This wild fight scene in The Raid: Redemption pretty much sums up the way I’ve felt this week.

You’re just about done knocking away one threat, and another one comes flying at you. The work day can’t end soon enough.

On a brighter note, I’m having chili for lunch today. With Fritos! Hard to beat that.

Friday Movie Quote will be up later this afternoon. I have a good one lined up for today; it’s an 80s cult classic that I only saw for the fist time a few weeks ago. In the meantime, I have to get through the morning grind.