Happy Birthday, Chuck Norris

Today is the 80th birthday of the one and only Chuck Norris. It’s hard to believe that Chuck has hit the big 8-0. I’ve been a huge fan of Chuck’s since I saw The Octagon (1980) as the second half of a double feature at the local drive-in in 1981. The other film on that double bill was Force: Five (1981).

The Octagon is getting a digitally remastered re-release to mark its 30th anniversary. Here’s the trailer.

I couldn’t end this post without some “Chuck Norris facts.” Happy Birthday, Chuck!

Chuck Norris Facts

gangs of london

I recently saw the trailer for a show called Gangs of London. The show was co-created by Gareth Evans, director of the excellent action movie The Raid: Redemption. GoL is produced by the UK’s Sky TV. Here’s the trailer:

Sadly, it’s airing in the US on Cinemax. My cable provider – that would be Spectrum, if you’re curious – decided to cut Cinemax from my cable package last year. Bastards. I guess I’ll have to wait for this show to come out on DVD/Blu-ray.