snow doubt about it

It’s snowing. It’s been snowing all morning. It’s supposed to snow for the rest of the day. And overnight. And into tomorrow morning, stopping sometime around 11 AM. Based on the various forecasts I’ve seen, accumulation will be somewhere between 2 and 200 inches. Summer can’t get here soon enough.


4 thoughts on “snow doubt about it

  1. John D.:
    We got us plenty of that flaky white stuff (no, not the U.S. Congress) going on HERE as well…
    SO far..about 5 inches…and still going strong.
    Luckily, it’s COLD outside, so no “wet” snow…very small flakes, drifting (windy, too), and easy shoveling…so far.

    Stay safe & stay warm out there.


    • Buffalo gets a lot too, but central and northern NY usually get more. I grew up in central and northern NY, and I never got used to it. Why I came back here from California, I don’t know. I live in Albany now, which is in eastern NY. We usually don’t get quite as much snow, but this year appears to be an exception.


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