It’s been one of those weeks

You ever have one of those weeks where it feels like the world is just piling on? I’m at the tail end of one of those right now. TGIF. This wild fight scene in The Raid: Redemption pretty much sums up the way I’ve felt this week.

You’re just about done knocking away one threat, and another one comes flying at you. The work day can’t end soon enough.

On a brighter note, I’m having chili for lunch today. With Fritos! Hard to beat that.

Friday Movie Quote will be up later this afternoon. I have a good one lined up for today; it’s an 80s cult classic that I only saw for the fist time a few weeks ago. In the meantime, I have to get through the morning grind.

gangs of london

I recently saw the trailer for a show called Gangs of London. The show was co-created by Gareth Evans, director of the excellent action movie The Raid: Redemption. GoL is produced by the UK’s Sky TV. Here’s the trailer:

Sadly, it’s airing in the US on Cinemax. My cable provider – that would be Spectrum, if you’re curious – decided to cut Cinemax from my cable package last year. Bastards. I guess I’ll have to wait for this show to come out on DVD/Blu-ray.