Smash, grab, repeat…

Once upon a time, I used to work in retail loss prevention. I started out as a store detective catching shoplifters, then I advanced to LP manager where I was responsible for supervising detectives and conducting internal theft investigations. I was in that line of work for twelve years full time and two years part time. I’ve never really regretted my decision to move on to greener pastures, but with all that’s going on today, I’m even more certain I made the right decision.

How the hell do you handle swarms of people smashing display cases, loading up and running out the door? The only thing you can do is call the cops and wait for help to arrive. But these days it seems that help may not be on the way. And what would be the point? Prosecutors in a lot of these jurisdictions where this stuff is happening won’t even pursue the cases. It’s a sad state of affairs, to be sure.

smash and grab, London-style

Last week, Brent Cross Shopping Centre, located just north of London, was the scene of a pretty dramatic smash and grab robbery. Six men on three motorcycles hit the Fraser Hart jewelry store just after 10 AM last Tuesday. Armed with bats and axes, the men smashed cases and stole expensive watches and jewelry. They rode off several minutes later with an estimated $3.2 million in merchandise. Not bad for less than an hour’s work. The bikes were found abandoned at a golf course not too far from the mall. Here’s a video of the robbery, taken from one of the mall’s security cameras:

I have to give them credit, these guys were pretty slick. This thing just begs to be made into a movie. Maybe with Guy Ritchie directing. Jason Statham would have to be in it, of course. And maybe Stephen Graham and Tom Hardy. Ray Winstone would be perfect for the lead detective on the case. Any other casting suggestions?