It’s not always as easy as it looks

I often get frustrated when I hear people online or on TV talking about police use-of-force incidents. Most people have never been in a violent encounter in their adult lives. Don’t get me wrong, excessive force incidents do happen. But real life ain’t like the movies. Sometimes the bad guys don’t go down after the first bullet. Or the second. Or the third.

Check out this video from cop-turned-Youtuber Donut Operator. Sometimes coutiung the shots fired doesn’t tell you the whole story (Sadly, it’s age-restricted, so you’ll have to be signed in to view it).

Sometimes a less-than-lethal weapon would be a better option. But those don’t always work as intended either.

Sometimes things just don’t work out as intended. Even for cops. It’s always best to get all the facts before you jump to a conclusion.

Bringing a gun to a knife fight: the 21 foot rule

There’s been a lot of debate – or at least what passes for debate on Twitter – about how police officers should handle a suspect armed with a knife. The general consensus in the pundit class (i.e., people who have never been in a violent confrontation) is that the police are never justified in shooting a suspect armed with a knife.

This video should put that notion to rest once and for all.

Underestimate edged weapons at your own risk.