rifftrax – 10th anniversary

As my regular readers know, I am a huge Rifftrax fan. This month marks the 10th anniversary of the movie-riffing comedy troupe. To celebrate, the fine folks at RT have put together a highlight reel. Here it is. Enjoy.

The next Rifftrax Live show is scheduled for August 18. The boys will be riffing the Japanese monster classic Mothra. I’m planning to attend, and this time I’ll be dragging my brother along for his first Rifftrax Live show. Should be epic.

Rifftrax Mothra

thanksgiving just got better


Good news for MST3K fans: Joel Hodgson, the show’s creator/original star, will be hosting an MST3K Turkey Day Marathon again. Twelve hours of classic riffs from Joel, Mike, and the bots. The MST3K-TDM starts at 9 AM EST, and will be streamed online by Shout! Factory, the company that produces the show’s DVD collection. I watched some of the marathon last year. It included some of my favorites, like Space Mutiny and The Final Sacrifice. There were also episodes I had never seen before, like the riff of Mitchell, starring Joe Don Baker. I’m sure this year’s selections will be every bit as good. Here’s a link to the MST3K Youtube channel, where they’ll be streaming the marathon.

no springs!

One thing I neglected to mention during my review of Rifftrax Live: Sharknado is that the guys started the show, as they often do, by riffing an old short. This one was an “educational” film called A Case of Spring Fever. As it turns out, this one had been riffed back in the MST3K days. I found it on Youtube the other day. The riffs they did last week were completely different than the MST3K treatment. Here’s the original.

total riff off

Hey, if you’ve been looking for something interesting to do this April Fool’s Day, you might want to head over to the National Geographic Channel for Total Riff Off. The crew from Rifftrax will be giving the treatment to three NatGeo shows. “What is Rifftrax?” you ask. Click this link for an answer.

It looks like the next Rifftrax Live event is scheduled for July 10th. Still no word on what movie they’ll be doing.