riffing the pandemic

Rifftrax Live Stranger Things

I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I’m a big fan of Rifftrax Live. Well, this whole lockdown/antisocial distancing thing has thrown a monkey wrench into this year’s scheduled shows. Hopefully we’ll get to see those later in the year. They had two lined up: Hobgoblins (a cheesy Gremlins ripoff) and Amityville: The Evil Escapes. Looking forward to those.

In the meantime, the Rifftrax guys have set up a virtual live show that’s scheduled for tonight. They’ll be riffing the first episode of the Netflix series Stranger Things. To watch, you’ll need a Netflix account, a chrome browser and an extension for an app called Scener. You can get all the details here.

New entertainment is hard to come by right now, so I’m not going to miss this opportunity for a few laughs.

rifftrax live – the room


Finally, after five long months, it’s time for another Rifftrax Live event. Tonight, the boys will be riffing The Room, which has been called “the Citizen Kane of bad movies.” I’ll be there to see it, just as I have for the previous six live events. There’s an encore showing next week, if you want to go but can’t make it tonight. I can’t recommend these show too much. I’ve had a great time at every one I’ve been to. Here’s the trailer for tonight’s show.