Cobra Kai

I started binge-watching Cobra Kai on Labor Day. The show is essentially a continuation of the 80s Karate Kid movies. It tells much of the story from the perspective of Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), the antagonist from the first movie.

Long story short, this show rocks. Johnny’s not all bad. And Daniel can be kind of a dick sometimes. The characters are fully fleshed out and three-dimensional, and the plot takes some interesting twists, without feeling forced. And best of all, the nostalgia level isn’t too high and isn’t too low, it’s just right; just enough to make the show fun.

I watched season 1, and I’ll be starting season 2 this week. Cobra Kai got it’s start on Youtube Premium, but has moved over to Netflix. Rumor has it there’s a season 3 on the way.

Here’s the trailer for season 1: