Star Trek turns 55

Fifty-five years ago today, Star Trek – these days referred to as Star Trek: The Original Series – premiered on the NBC television network. I first started watching it in syndication, soon after it was cancelled. It usually aired around five o’clock in the afternoon, just before the local news. I did my best to never miss an episode, even if it was one I’d seen before. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen each episode. Fifty? A hundred? Maybe more. And I’m still (re)watching them. Star Trek airs on the MeTV network every Saturday night at ten, right after Svengoolie.

The first episode to air – although not the first on filmed – was “The Man Trap.” Not one of my favorite episodes, but still pretty good. Here’s a scene from that ep. Spoiler alert for those of you who have managed to avoid seeing that one for the last five and a half decades.

Happy Anniversary, Star Trek. It’s been quite the (fifty-)five year mission.