rifftrax – 10th anniversary

As my regular readers know, I am a huge Rifftrax fan. This month marks the 10th anniversary of the movie-riffing comedy troupe. To celebrate, the fine folks at RT have put together a highlight reel. Here it is. Enjoy.

The next Rifftrax Live show is scheduled for August 18. The boys will be riffing the Japanese monster classic Mothra. I’m planning to attend, and this time I’ll be dragging my brother along for his first Rifftrax Live show. Should be epic.

Rifftrax Mothra

honest movie trailer – mission: impossible

With a new installment of the M:I franchise out in theaters, the folks at Screen Junkies decided we needed an honest movie trailer for the whole franchise.

Sadly, I probably won’t get to see the latest Mission:Impossible movie until it’s released on video or makes it to cable TV. I don’t get out much anymore. Story of my life these days.

rifftrax live – the room


Finally, after five long months, it’s time for another Rifftrax Live event. Tonight, the boys will be riffing The Room, which has been called “the Citizen Kane of bad movies.” I’ll be there to see it, just as I have for the previous six live events. There’s an encore showing next week, if you want to go but can’t make it tonight. I can’t recommend these show too much. I’ve had a great time at every one I’ve been to. Here’s the trailer for tonight’s show.

rifftrax live – 2015

The fine folks at Rifftrax have set up a Kickstarter to raise money for four live shows in 2015. They wound up hitting their $75,000 goal in less than 24 hours. Now they’re working toward their stretch goal of $250k. They’re past the halfway point with 24 days to go. Among the movies they plan to riff is Sharknado 2. I’m hoping that if they hit the 250k-mark, they’ll give us a fifth movie, like they did in 2014 (Anaconda, it was awesome!).

If you’re still not clear on what this whole movie riffing thing is all about, here’s a sample of one of Rifftrax’s latest efforts, for sale on their website. It’s a riff on a piece of 80s sci-fi cheese called Alien Outlaw. One of the stars is B-movie cowboy Lash La Rue.

bowling with Karloff

In the comments section of Sunday’s crime history post about the death of mob hitman Jack McGurn, a couple of astute commenters mentioned the similarity between McGurn’s death and the on-screen demise of fictional Northside gang boss Tom Gaffney in the 1932 gangster classic Scarface. It does make one wonder whether McGurn’s killers were influenced by the movie. There is one crucial difference between the movie and real life: At least Tom Gaffney got some bowling in before they whacked him.

Strike! Poor guy, for all we know he was on his way to the 300 club before they gunned him down. Why couldn’t they let the man finish his game. Mobsters can be so cruel.  😦