happy halloween

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Happy Halloween, folks. I figured today was as good as any for me to start posting again, notwithstanding my weekly movie quote posts. I was going to write this one earlier, but I had to leave early for work this morning.

Anyway, no serious plans for the night, other than continuing my nearly three decades-long tradition of watching War of the Worlds (1953). That started in 1991. I was moving into a new apartment around Halloween. While I was unpacking my stuff, I saw that the local PBS affiliate was showing it. I had always loved that movie, so I decided to record it on VHS – that being the state of the art in 1991.  🙂  I watched it on Halloween every year since.

These days I have it on DVD. The print is so good you can see the wires holding up the models of the Martian machines.

I have tomorrow off, so that will give me time to hunt for a good movie quote. Have a good one, everyone.

Oh, and here’s the trailer for War of the Worlds, because who doesn’t love a good trailer?