happy halloween

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Happy Halloween, folks. I figured today was as good as any for me to start posting again, notwithstanding my weekly movie quote posts. I was going to write this one earlier, but I had to leave early for work this morning.

Anyway, no serious plans for the night, other than continuing my nearly three decades-long tradition of watching War of the Worlds (1953). That started in 1991. I was moving into a new apartment around Halloween. While I was unpacking my stuff, I saw that the local PBS affiliate was showing it. I had always loved that movie, so I decided to record it on VHS – that being the state of the art in 1991.  🙂  I watched it on Halloween every year since.

These days I have it on DVD. The print is so good you can see the wires holding up the models of the Martian machines.

I have tomorrow off, so that will give me time to hunt for a good movie quote. Have a good one, everyone.

Oh, and here’s the trailer for War of the Worlds, because who doesn’t love a good trailer?

friday movie quote

Hackman Enemy Lines

“Zero-six, you are a combat naval aviator, start acting like one! You’ve been shot down, life is tough. I am very sorry, but you pull yourself together. You do whatever it takes, create some angles between you and your pursuers. Use your training, use your head. Evade and survive, and we will bring you home. Do you understand? We will bring you home!”

-Admiral Reigart (Gene Hackman), Behind Enemy Lines (2001)

this day in crime history: may 22, 1962


On this date in 1962, Continental Airlines Flight 11, enroute from Chicago to Kansas City, MO, crashed in Unionville, MO, killing all 45 of the Boeing 707’s occupants.

Several eyewitness accounts described an explosion at the rear of the plane while it was over Centerville, IA. Once it became apparent that an explosive device might be involved, the FBI was called in. They discovered that one of the passengers had purchased an inordinate amount of life insurance just prior to the flight. In addition to insurance, Thomas G. Doty also purchased six sticks of dynamite before his trip. The married father of a five year old daughter was facing prison time for an armed robbery.

Investigators believed that the bomb had been hidden in the rear lavatory on the starboard side of the plane. The explosion tore the tail section off the 707, which caused it to crash.

In July 2010, a memorial was erected in Unionville, MO.

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this day in crime history: november 17, 1989

On this date in 1989, drug dealer and mobster Costabile “Gus” Farace, Jr. was shot and killed in his car in Brooklyn, NY. Joseph Scalfani, an associate of Farace, was also shot, but survived the attack. Farace, a low-level associate of the Bonanno crime family, was being sought by federal agents in connection with the shooting death of DEA Agent Everett Hatcher, who was killed in Staten Island the previous February. Farace’s murder would remain unsolved until 1999, when two former Bonanno associates, James Galione and Mario Gallo, pleaded guilty to the crime. Bonanno family members reportedly ordered the hit because they feared Farace would turn informant if the feds arrested him for Agent Hatcher’s murder.

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