MTV turns 40

I was surfing social media today when it came to my attention that today is MTV’s 40th anniversary.

Aggie has a point. It’s been quite some time since music has been the main mission of MTV. These days, it’s mostly “reality” shows. Ever-increasing music licensing fees bear a lot of the blame. Here’s a more humorous – and not entirely inaccurate – explanation for MTV’s fall from rock-and-roll grace.

If you’re nostalgic for the old days, this article contains a link to a Youtube playlist of the first 100 videos that aired on MTV.

2 thoughts on “MTV turns 40

  1. In a podcast called “Jobsolete”, they did a two part episode on MTV, interviewing both the executive producer (at the time) and former VJ Martha Quinn, about how MTV came into being, how it was programmed, how the music end came, etc. etc. It’s pretty informative and it’s something that you should give a listen to.

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