Shot in The Dark

This was a rough week for rock and roll, what with the death of guitar virtuoso Eddie Van Halen yesterday. But there is some good news. Legendary rock band AC/DC has released a single from their latest album, Power Up. The single, “Shot in The Dark,” is up at the band’s official Youtube channel. To save you the trouble of sifting through mountains of cat videos on Youtube, I have embedded it below.

Pretty good tune, in my humble opinion. Brian Johnson is back on lead vocals, after taking a break for health reasons during the band’s last tour. Stevie Young has taken over rhythm guitar after the death of his uncle, Malcolm Young.

I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of this album. It’s due out next month. I’ll probably buy it on CD. Yes, that’s right, I still buy physical media. Don’t judge!

3 thoughts on “Shot in The Dark

  1. There was a lot of mention when Malcolm Young died. I always wondered why not much of anything was said when his and Angus’ older brother George passed three weeks before Malcolm. He was a founding member of a great band from my youth, the Easybeats, who were very big in Australia and even rivaled the Beatles.
    George also co-produced AC/DC’s early albums, High Voltage (1975), T.N.T. (1975), High Voltage (1976), Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (1976), Let There Be Rock (1977) and Powerage (1978).He briefly played as AC/DC’s bass guitarist for a short stint, early in their career…………

    I can almost hear a proto AC/DC sound in this Easybeat’s song……..

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    • I hadn’t hear them before. I think you’re right, there’s definitely a similarity there. No doubt the Easybeats were an influence for much of the early AC/DC. Thanks for posting that video.


      • Not surprised that you hadn’t heard of them. Way before your time. Their only big US hit was “Friday On My Mind” which was released here in 1966 when I was 12 years old. Back in the Paleolithic………..

        A good song for today……

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