Escape from New York

Escape from NY

Don’t let the title of this post fool you, it’s not about defying the lock-down in the Empire State. Nope, it’s about the 1981 dystopian thriller starring Kurt Russell and directed by John Carpenter.

So anyway, I was surfing Youtube the other day when I ran across this video. It’s a deleted scene from the beginning of Escape that showed the heist that got Snake Plissken arrested and sent to the maximum security prison on Manhattan Island. I’m sure this clip  has been floating around for years, but I wasn’t aware of it until recently.

This scene is pretty cool, but I really think the movie was better without it. Introducing Snake to the audience as he’s being lead into the prison in handcuffs really worked. Everything we need to know about his back story we learn from his conversation with Hauk (Lee Van Cleef).

I guess sometimes less is more. Still, it was fun seeing the heist.

3 thoughts on “Escape from New York

  1. Definitely one of my favorites! A lot of critics gave it a hard time, but for me this is more believable than many of the Rambo flicks. In the time before cellphones flung a major wrench into a lot of action/suspense thrillers. I even have the paperback that came out later. The follow up was a bummer, though. Sometimes you have to be happy with your original work and move on to something new. Carpenter’s music is great, too!

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  2. John Carpenter has put together some really great films, so it would be hard to compare them. Halloween was great! I might have stepped out of line on “Escape From LA” But the cast for “Escape From New York” was just so good! Harry Dean Stanton, Isaac Hayes, Ernest Borginine…Loved the cars, too. The Duke of New York’s Caddy with those chandeliers! Damn! That was perfect.


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