critics gonna critic

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the disparity between critics and fans. Just look at the Rotten Tomatoes critic score for The Joker: 69%. The fan score is 88%. That’s a pretty big gap. But it pales in comparison that the critic-fan divide for Dave Chapelle’s Sticks and Stones. While 99% fans liked it, only 35% of critics gave it a thumbs-up. Were they even watching the same movie? (FWIW, I loved it.)

Of course, critics being out of touch with the hoi polloi is nothing new. I’m old enough to remember that there were critics who hated Star Wars when it was released in 1977. I was reminded of this when I saw this Youtube video yesterday. Our “betters” aren’t just out of touch when it comes to movies. They often miss the mark on music too. And probably a lot of other things, if we’re being honest here. It serves as a nice reminder that “appeals to authority” are logical fallacies for a reason.

2 thoughts on “critics gonna critic

  1. The major reason for such a disparity for Dave Chappelle’s special is that the newspapers/mags/e-zines/websites that these critics write for are exceptionally “woke”, thus they have to more often than not, toe that same line, less they be “cancelled” for not being “woke” enough. It’s like that for all parts of the entertainment industry, which is why we’ve seen so many bombs at the box office. Being “woke” does not translate to being “good” at the box office.


    • I have no doubt that is a major factor. It’s just another way for critics to be out of touch with the fans. This is why I’m more apt to look at crowd-sourced scores than anything by a critic for a corporate media outlet. And since my tastes are often outside the mainstream, even fan scores aren’t always predictive for me.


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