RIP, Bob G.

Bob Gaul

If you’re one of my regular readers – assuming that I have any regular readers anymore – you’re probably familiar with Bob G. Bob, who lived in Fort Wayne, IN, was probably my most dedicated reader, and was definitely the most frequent commenter (2106 comments since 2010, according to my WP admin panel).

I hadn’t heard from Bob in a few weeks. I went to his blog and saw that he hadn’t posted in three weeks. Bob was a pretty consistent blogger, posting five days a week. Three weeks without posting was really unusual for him. To add to my worries, his most recent post mentioned that he wasn’t feeling well.

I started scanning the blogs in his blogroll for any news. I ran across this post by a blogger who lives in Fort Wayne. My worst fears were confirmed; Bob passed away last weekend.

I never met Bob in person, but I thought of him as a friend. It’s weird, this modern world we live in. But it’s kind of cool too. Friendships don’t have to be limited by geography. You can maintain friendships over great distances and even make new friends.

I’m going to miss Bob. His sense of humor always lifted my spirits. But I’m grateful for having known him, even if we only interacted online. RIP, Bob. Thanks for helping to make my world a little bit better.

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