this day in crime history: june 1, 1948

On this date in 1948, bluesman Sonny Boy Williamson (not to be confused with another musician who had appropriated his name), was murdered during a robbery in Chicago, IL. Williamson was walking home after playing a gig at Chicago’s Plantation Club when he was attacked. His last words were reported to have been, “Lord have mercy.”

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3 thoughts on “this day in crime history: june 1, 1948

  1. Cool post! I’ve been a blues fan since I was a little kid and this has always been a controversial thing with Rice Miller taking the name and then settling for Sonny Boy II. Obviously I wasn’t there, but word has it that Sonny Boy I was a cool dude and solid guy, which cannot be said for Rice Miller. However as Sonny Boy II, he certainly did a lot of legendary shit like slicing people up with a razor, giving Buddy Guy a shot of courage when he needed it and representing the blues in London. Robert Johnson wasn’t any kind of saint either, but he sure as hell could play the blues. I’d say that the legendary deal with the Devil is true!


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