4 thoughts on “friday movie quote

  1. “Touch of Evil” is considered the last real film noir. The studio didn’t like Orson Welles’s original cut and messed around with it quite a bit. The original (the way Welles wanted it) didn’t have any title or credits at the beginning of the movie, just at the end.
    It’s a pretty good movie, and worth seeing if you’re a noir fan. But if you see a title and credits at the beginning, you’re not seeing the movie the way Welles made it. That may or may not matter to you.


    • The version I saw was the director’s cut. There was a scroll at the beginning telling the story of the studio’s re-shoot and Welles’s 58 page memo reply to the changes. I liked the credit-free start, it really added suspense to the bomb scene.


  2. John D.:
    Well, you found what looks like a winner from the classic days of moves.
    Orson Welles, Heston, and Janet Leigh. Not a bad lineup.
    And while not a noir “fan”, I will take time to watch one now and then…mixes things up.
    I’ll be on the lookout for it if and when TCM airs it.

    Good choice and a good quote.

    Have a safe memorial Day weekend out there, boss.


    • It’s a great film. Welles directed and adapted the screenplay from a novel by Whit Masterson. I haven’t seen the theatrical version, but the “director’s cut” referenced in Old 1811’s comment is some great film making.


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