this day in crime history: june 3, 1968


On this date in 1968, writer Valerie Solanas, author of the SCUM Manifesto, began her 15 minutes of fame by shooting artist Andy Warhol in his New York City studio. Solanas also shot art critic Mario Amaya, and tried to shoot Warhol’s manager Fred Hughes, but was unable to do so due to a gun malfunction.

After the shooting, Solanas turned herself in to police and confessed to the shooting. Warhol and Amaya survived the shooting, and Solanas was charged with felony assault. After extensive evaluation in a psychiatric ward, Solanas was found fit to stand trial. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison, with credit for time served. She was released from prison in 1971.

After her release, Solanas periodically harassed Warhol by telephone. She was institutionalized several more times and died of pneumonia in 1988.

Further reading:

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