this day in crime history: april 15, 1920

On this date in 1920, an armed robbery in South Braintree, MA resulted in the deaths of a paymaster and a security guard. On May 5th, two men were arrested for the crime: Ferdinando Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti. The two men, both Italian-born anarchists, were tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. They were executed in the Massachusetts electric chair on August 23, 1927. Controversy still rages to this day as to the guilt of the men, but their conviction has yet to be overturned. Oh yeah, and they’re still dead. I guess it’s all academic at this point, isn’t it?

Further reading:

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3 thoughts on “this day in crime history: april 15, 1920

  1. Indeed it is! I remember having this pounded into our heads back in high school history class. But what always bugged me is that we never made any further than the 60’s. No offense to the 60’s but what about everything else? It was a hick town high school, maybe they just didn’t have the dough for better materials. My curriculum ran a little more along the lines of sneaking alcohol into the cafeteria, girls, and finding the best places to smoke and not get caught.


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