friday movie quote

Duck Soup

“Gentlemen, Chicolini here may talk like an idiot, and look like an idiot, but don’t let that fool you; he really is an idiot. I implore you, send him back to his father and brothers, who are waiting for him with open arms in the penitentiary. I suggest that we give him ten years in Leavenworth, or eleven years in Twelveworth.”

-Rufus T. Firefly (Groucho Marx), Duck Soup (1933)

One thought on “friday movie quote

  1. John D.:
    Now THIS is classic comedy.

    If you have the chance, get a copy of the book WHY A DUCK…loads of scenes from all the movies.
    A really funny movie and excellent quote.
    Thanks for getting my weekend off with a smile and laugh.

    Have yourself a good weekend.

    Roll safe out there, boss.


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