this day in crime history: june 12, 1962

On this date in 1962, prison officials at Alcatraz discovered that inmates Frank Morris, and brothers John and Clarence Anglin had apparently escaped from the federal prison. The escape took over two years to plan and execute. The escapees used stolen materials to make a raft to escape on and dummies to place in their bunks. They tunneled from their cells into the prison ventilation shaft, through which they climbed up to the roof of the prison. They climbed down from the roof, made it to the water, and paddled away on their homemade raft. The men were never found and were presumed drowned in San Francisco Bay.

Further reading:

“The Great Escape from Alcatraz”

FBI Files: Alcatraz Escape

IMDb: Escape from Alcatraz


7 thoughts on “this day in crime history: june 12, 1962

  1. John D.:
    That’s he thing with presumptions…they’re never proven.
    Have to say the escapees planned it all VERY well.
    (well, they DID have all that time)
    Mythbusters also proved that it WAS plausible.

    It’s a great story, a very good movie and that one guy (on the right) looks like a young Harvey Keitel, doesn’t he?

    Good post (and links).

    Stay safe out there.


  2. I think the fact that they were never seen again pretty much proves they died in the escape attempt. The kind of guy who ends up in Alcatraz isn’t going to stay out of trouble for very long.
    And, two brothers on The Rock together! I’ll bet Mom was so proud!


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