this day in crime history: october 22, 1934

On this date in 1934, notorious outlaw Charles Arthur “Pretty Boy” Floyd was shot and killed in eastern Ohio.  According to the FBI version of the incident, Floyd was shot by agents as he jumped from a car and drew a .45 pistol.  Another version has it that he was shot and wounded by East Liverpool, OH police sharpshooter Chester Smith, and that FBI agents executed Floyd after briefly questioning him.  At the risk of appearing to be a victim of J. Edgar Hoover’s propaganda machine, I’m inclined to believe the FBI’s account.  But I guess we’ll never know for sure.

Further reading:

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7 thoughts on “this day in crime history: october 22, 1934

  1. It can’t be! In all the Dillinger movies, Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby Face Nelson get killed BEFORE Dillinger! Hollywood wouldn’t lie to us!
    Next month you’ll probably have a post on the death of Baby Face Nelson claiming he got killed in Illinois AFTER Dillinger, not at Little Bohemia BEFORE Dillinger, like in Public Enemies!
    Is there nothing left to believe in?


    • If I’m not mistaken, the 1973 Dillinger movie with Warren Oates had a similar timeline. I guess it makes for a better narrative to have Dillinger’s death mark the end of the Public Enemies era. In truth, his death was more like the beginning of the end.


  2. John D.:
    I’m w/ old 1811 here.
    Is NOTHING sacred any longer?

    Who is seeing fit to “rewrite” history, anyway…because they’re lousing it up to high heaven.

    Roll safe out there.


    • I really think the book they based this on would have done better as a TV series on HBO or something. The story was much too big for a 2-3 hour movie. And it covered a lot more outlaws than Dillinger.


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