lethal weapon – the series

Tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern, Lethal Weapon premieres on FOX. I loved the film series –  especially the first two movies – but I’m skeptical about this show. Especially after the debacle that was CBS’s small-screen reboot of Rush Hour. But I’ll give LW a try and watch with an open mind. It airs opposite NBC’s Blindspot, so it probably won’t be on the air long. Here’s the trailer.

5 thoughts on “lethal weapon – the series

  1. John D.:
    Yeah, I’ve seen the commercials for it…not really into TV reboots/remakes of movies.
    Somehow, they lose a LOT in the transition.
    Clayne Crawford looks to be able to carry a series on his own…with the right premise.
    Plus, I’m not a big on Damon Wayans taking over for Danny Glover (a VERY good actor). Loved Wayans when he did IN LIVING COLOR and even in MAJOR PAYNE.
    Gonna have to pass on this, though.

    Stay safe out there.


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