this day in crime history: june 13, 1966

On this date in 1966, the US Supreme Court decided Miranda v. Arizona. This decision would result in the warning given to criminal suspects that cops, crooks, and fans of police procedurals know by heart.

Further reading:

Opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court, June 13, 1966

Wikipedia – Miranda v. Arizona

For those who miss the pre-Miranda days, here’s a little taste of how it was done old school by Sergeant Joe Friday in the 1954 big-screen version of Dragnet.

7 thoughts on “this day in crime history: june 13, 1966

  1. John D.:
    Miranda aside, that Dragnet vid is the BEST “warning” to ANY criminal.

    And given by the BEST television cop on the beat – SGT. JOE FRIDAY.
    Very well done. and so true.
    Only the names (and salary levels) have been changed to protect the innocent.

    Roll safe out there.


  2. Until he got killed in a bar fight in 1976, Miranda had a nice little sideline signing Miranda cards for Phoenix cops. I wish I had one; it would be almost like having a signed first edition of the Gutenberg Bible. (Well, not quite.)


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