rifftrax live: time chasers

Time Chasers Rifftrax

The next Rifftrax Live event will be this Thursday. Mike, Kevin, and Bill will be deploying their rapier-like wits against Time Chasers, the worst sci-fi movie to come out of Vermont.

They riffed this one back in the MST3K days. Here’s a sample:


4 thoughts on “rifftrax live: time chasers

  1. John D.:
    Here’s a movie I have NEVER seen nor even HEARD of…The video is pretty funny.

    And the flick DOES look crappy as hell.
    Nice pick.
    (I think…LOL)

    Stay safe & Happy Rifftraxxing out there.


  2. I wonder if they will do any Trump jokes when Bob Evil shows up or a Clinton riff at the end when parachuting granny makes her appearance.


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