new TV series: hunters

The last thing I need is another show on my already too-full TV schedule, but Syfy’s Hunters looks like it’s worth checking out.

Naturally, the show is on Monday nights, which seems to be the preferred night for great TV. I missed the premiere last night because I was watching Better Call Saul. Come on, TV execs! Why do you have to overload Mondays? And why do Tuesdays and Wednesdays have to suck so much?

4 thoughts on “new TV series: hunters

  1. John D.:
    Don;t feel bad. I wanted to see it and MISSED it too.

    I am hoping they decide to RERUN the pilot ep. (many times, that is the case), so perhaps we won;t be left out (again(.
    Either FEAST or FAMINE on TV every night anymore…not fair.
    (some of us like to sleep…lol)

    Good call.
    Stay safe out there.


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