this day in crime history: march 30, 1981

On this date in 1981, a pathetic loser named John Hinckley, Jr. made a play for the attention of actress Jodie Foster by attempting to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. President Reagan and three others were wounded in the attempt. Hinckley, who wound up buried under a mountain of Secret Service agents and cops, was arrested at the scene. He was later found not guilty by reason of insanity. He was confined to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, DC, and is now allowed out to visit his mommy several times a year. Still no date with Jodie Foster, though. Keep the faith, Johnny, she’ll be stopping by any day now.

Further reading:

The Trial of John Hinckley

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2 thoughts on “this day in crime history: march 30, 1981

  1. John D.:
    Amazing how we never knew (until much later) how CLOSE President Reagan came to dying.
    (and Jodie will be bringing her GIRLFRIEND to see Johnny as well…)
    There’s a wonderful irony to the outcome w/ Hinckley.
    (Producers had to change the name of William Kaat’s character on The Greatest American Hero show, because he was named Hinckley)

    Good call.
    Stay safe out there.


    • I remember that whole name-change fiasco on the TV show. As I recall, they hastily dubbed in “Mister H” for the rest of the first season, then changed his name to Hanley in season 2.


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