this day in crime history: february 8, 1932

On this date in 1932, bootlegger, kidnapper, and hitman Vincent “Mad Dog” Coll was gunned down (this would constitute “death by natural causes” in Coll’s line of work) in a drug store phone booth. Legend has it that he was on the phone with Hell’s Kitchen mob boss Owney Madden, and that Madden kept Coll on the phone until the shooter — possibly working with Dutch Schultz — could get in place. The shooter put enough lead into Coll to kill a whole pack of mad dogs. Fifteen bullets were recovered from Coll’s body. A bunch more went right through him. “Can you hear me now?”

Wikipedia – Mad Dog Coll

Find A Grave –  Vincent Mad Dog Coll

Gangster City website – Photo of the phone booth where Coll was gunned down

Gangster City, by Patrick Downey

10 thoughts on “this day in crime history: february 8, 1932

  1. In the movie High Sierra, Humphrey Bogart gets upset when the newspapers nickname him Mad Dog. I wonder if a trigger happy hood like Coll considered it an insult or an honor.


  2. He doesn’t really look all that mad. Maybe a little petulant. But “Petulant Puppy” probably wouldn’t work as a bad-guy nickname.
    And, what a waste of valuable bullets and powder in the middle of the Depression! That wanton waste proves that he was really killed by the government!


  3. John D.:
    “Death by natural causes”…good one.
    Interesting that they had “lead poisoning” cases in Hell’s Kitchen.
    (wasn’t the PAINT…wasn’t the WATER)
    I thought that only happened in Flint, MI?

    Very good story.

    Roll safe out there.


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