friday movie quote


“It would take you too long to strangle a man, Colonel. The average Nazi would get impatient while you were doing it.”

-Major Eric Fincham (Trevor Howard), Von Ryan’s Express (1965)

4 thoughts on “friday movie quote

  1. John D.:
    I’ve always loved this movie, however contrived it might be.
    I remember seeing it in a PROPER theater (40 foot screen) with my Dad when it first came out.
    (showing my age now)

    Still, a good Sinatra flick with some great supporting actors.
    “parade-strip” – LOL…love that scene

    And we all wanted Sinatra to make it…he almost did, too.

    Excellent choice.

    Roll safe out there this weekend.


  2. Ryan’s fate in the movie was very different than it was in the original book. I wonder if Frank Sinatra figured “I got an Oscar after Ernest Borgnine killed me in From Here to Eternity. Maybe I’ll get lucky again”.


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