friday movie quote

Tremors 5 Bloodlines

“Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up, and he knows that he’s gotta run faster than the fastest lion, otherwise he gets killed. Every morning a lion wakes up, and he knows he’s gotta outrun the slowest gazelle, otherwise, he’s gonna starve to death. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a lion or you’re a gazelle, in Africa, when the sun rises, you’d better be running.”

-Den Bravers (Ian Roberts), Tremors 5: Bloodlines (2015)


4 thoughts on “friday movie quote

  1. John D.:
    I always got a kick out lf the TREMORS series of films, but I confess to missing THIS latest one.
    Love the quote, though…very apropos (to both Africa AND to those avoiding the damn worms).

    I try to catch them on the Sci-Fi channel (they LOVE showing these kinda flicks)
    Waiting for some sort of “marathon”…talk about an all-day affair!
    Michael Gross was very good in these movies. Love his character.

    Carry on.
    Have a great weekend & stay safe out there.


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