this day in crime history: december 9, 1935

On this date in 1935, newspaperman Walter Liggett was murdered in an alley behind his home in Minneapolis. Liggett, editor and founder of a weekly newspaper called The Midwest American, published stories that exposed the links between government officials and organized crime. Liggett persisted, even after multiple warnings that included an assault and a trumped-up prosecution for a rape that never happened. On December 9th, Liggett’s enemies took action to silence him once and for all: they shot and killed him as he returned home from a shopping trip that evening. Liggett’s wife and 10 year old daughter witnessed the shooting. Mob boss Isadore “Kid Cann” Blumenfeld and one of his associates were identified as the shooters, but a (possibly intentionally) sloppy prosecution prevented their conviction.

Further reading:

“Hunt Gang in Slaying of Crusading Editor”Brooklyn Daily Eagle, December 10, 1935

Stopping The Presses: The Murder Of Walter W. Liggett, by Marda Liggett Woodbury

Wikipedia – Walter Liggett

Wikipedia – Kid Cann

4 thoughts on “this day in crime history: december 9, 1935

  1. John D.:
    Amazing how the scales of justice can be tipped SO easily with a “well-placed thumb”.
    And although the shooting of such a courageous man was a heinous crime, the REAL crime was the handling of that trial.
    Justice was not JUST blind, but apparently deaf and dumb as well.

    Good story.

    Stay safe out there.


  2. Reading about the 30s, I was struck by the fact that two of the most corrupt areas in the U.S. during the Dillinger era were Minneapolis-St. Paul and Cincinnati. Nowadays MSP is too left-wing and Cincinnati is too right-wing for my tastes, but both places are, at least to my knowledge, honestly and cleanly run.
    Maybe this means there is still hope for Illinois, NYS, and Louisiana. (Hah! Had you goin’ for a minute!)


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