free ebook – under the wall


FYI, my true crime short story Under the Wall is free in the Amazon Kindle store through the end of the weekend. Actually, I think the free promo ends at midnight Eastern Time on Monday. So feel free to click on over and give it a look.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.   🙂

3 thoughts on “free ebook – under the wall

  1. John D.:
    Damn shame I don’t do the ebooks things (I like to hold the book…so old-fashioned, I know…lol)

    I used to go to church a block from that prison (Olivet-Covenant church), so mu interest is at elast TWO-fold.

    Looks pretty good.

    Stay safe out there.


    • I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of ebooks. Then I broke down and bought a Kindle. Now I don’t buy paper books at all anymore. The idea of being able to carry a thousand books in the space of just one trade paperback makes it too convenient. Plus I can shop right from home and delivery is instantaneous.


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