Narcos: a Netflix original series

Over the Labor Day weekend, I took full advantage of my Netflix account and binged on a new show. Narcos is a fictionalized account of the Medellin Cartel. This one’s definitely worth a watch.

A lot of the dialog is in Spanish with subtitles. As a die-hard fan of Asian crime films, this isn’t problematic for me. If it’s not a deal-breaker for you, I highly recommend checking out this show.

5 thoughts on “Narcos: a Netflix original series

  1. I don’t mind subtitles when they are done well and I prefer that to dubbing in foreign films. I remember seeing a Hong Kong movie where most of the subtitles ended with a question mark; so you had lines like “This is the police? You are under arrest? Put up your hands?”


  2. I’ve seen the ads for that. I started watching a Mexican show on the cartels until i realized it has 100+ episodes.
    I also just started season one of TRUE CRIME on DVD. I’m really liking that one.


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