hump day at boggy creek

Last night was a crap night for TV, so rather than using the free time to do something productive, I spent my evening messing around on that ultimate time waster: Youtube. There are a number of full movies posted there that you can watch free of charge. One such film was that 1970s indie horror classic, The Legend of Boggy Creek. Made on a shoestring budget by fist-time filmmaker Charles B. Pierce, TLoBC became a cult classic, easily earning back its production budget and then some. It kickstarted the independent film movement.

TLoBC also started a nationwide Bigfoot craze. Over the next few years, a number of documentaries and docudramas were made about Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman, and the Loch Ness Monster. When I was a kid, I couldn’t get enough of that stuff. Truth be told, it still fascinates me, even though I’m a skeptic. Over the next week or so, I may check Youtube for a few of those other movies I saw as a kid. Provided I don’t decide to spend my time more productively.  😉

If you have an hour and a half to kill, here’s the aforementioned video.


8 thoughts on “hump day at boggy creek

  1. John D.:
    Cripes, I thought my late buddy and myself were the ONLY ones who ever saw this flick (and in a real THEATER to boot)…!
    We went because we thought it would be a hoot.
    It was…LOL.

    Didn’t know it had such “staying power” with the “indies”…
    But, like you said, it does pose some interesting questions about Bigfoot, and other creatures alleged to be roaming the back woods of America.

    Good call.

    Roll safe out there.


  2. Never saw Boggy Creek, either in a theater (some friends did) or on Youtube. But I just watched Nosferatu, the silent German 1922 Dracula movie, on Youtube, and enjoyed it very much. (The title cards are in English.) If Boggy Creek was a hoot, Nosferatu was a hoot and a half.
    This Interweb thing might catch on yet.


  3. This movie played for several years at my neighborhood theater and it certainly made a believer out of me (until I left the theater). The sequel was nowhere as good, though it did provide good material for MST3K – “No woman should have to see the little creature”.


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