this day in crime history: july 7, 1865


On this day in 1865, four people convicted of participating in the conspiracy to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln were executed by hanging. The conspirators were Mary Surratt, Lewis Powell, David Herold, and George Atzerodt. Surratt was the first woman executed by the US federal government.

Further reading:

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5 thoughts on “this day in crime history: july 7, 1865

  1. John D.:
    Nothing like a good “necktie=party” to send a definitive message to such people.
    I will admit that justice USED to be a LOT swifter in times past.

    Good post.

    Stay safe out there.


    • This was definitely intended to send a message, in my opinion. The Republic was at its weakest, and the powers that be wanted to dissuade any other would-be assassins from trying something similar.


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