this day in crime history: june 18, 1984


On this date in 1984, radio talk show host Alan Berg was shot and killed outside his home in in Denver, CO. Berg, who frequently courted controversy on his radio show, was shot by members of a white nationalist group known as The Order. Eventually, two members of the group, David Lane and Bruce Pierce, were convicted of racketeering and civil rights violations in connection with Berg’s death. Lane was sentenced to 190 years in prison, Pierce to 252. Lane died in 2007, Pierce in 2010.

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5 thoughts on “this day in crime history: june 18, 1984

  1. John D.:
    I never did get to hear Alan berg on the radio.
    What surprises me is that the two convicted and sentenced never DID get jailed for MURDER…just racketeering and civil rights violations…amazing.

    Musta been one helluva trial.
    Glad those two are gone. Makes me wonder about the rest of that “group”.

    very good story.

    Roll safe out there.


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