this day in crime history: may 7, 1827

On this date in 1827, farmhand Jesse Strang murdered John Whipple at the Cherry Hill estate in Albany, NY. He was put up to the crime by Whipple’s wife Elsie, with whom Strang was having an affair. Elsie even provided Strang with the gun he used, which she stole from her soon-to-be-late husband.

To add insult to (fatal) injury, John Whipple–wise to his wife’s affair and fearing an attempt on his life–actually loaded the murder weapon with the bullet that would kill him.

After the shooting, Strang ran to a local store in an attempt to establish an alibi. The police saw through his alibi and arrested him for the murder. He promptly ratted out Elsie, who was then arrested as well. Strang was eventually convicted of murder and sentenced to death. He was executed in the last public hanging in Albany’s history. Elsie Whipple was found not guilty and released.

Wikipedia: Murder at Cherry Hill

Historic Cherry Hill


8 thoughts on “this day in crime history: may 7, 1827

  1. John D.:
    When I first saw this post, I thought “That’s a damn nice house”. – never knew what went on there.
    I AM surprised that it was the LAST public hanging (in 1827)…I’ll be a lot of NON-public hangings still followed.

    Good story.

    Stay safe out there.


  2. Elsie? I thought her name was Charmin and one day Mr. Whipple caught Strang embracing his wife and yelled, “Hey, don’t squeeze the Charmin”………. I’ll show myself out.


  3. Elsie obviously had a better lawyer than Strang. Of course, she probably had a lot more money (including her late husband’s estate).


    • Being a woman helped a lot too. It was hard for juries of the day to wrap their heads around the idea of a woman being involved in such a heinous conspiracy. Plus, Strang wasn’t exactly what you’d call a credible witness.


    • I’m curious as to whether there was any social repercussion for her. Was she ostracized by friends and neighbors like Lizzie Borden was? I’d be interested to find out.


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