rifftrax live – the room


Finally, after five long months, it’s time for another Rifftrax Live event. Tonight, the boys will be riffing The Room, which has been called “the Citizen Kane of bad movies.” I’ll be there to see it, just as I have for the previous six live events. There’s an encore showing next week, if you want to go but can’t make it tonight. I can’t recommend these show too much. I’ve had a great time at every one I’ve been to. Here’s the trailer for tonight’s show.

4 thoughts on “rifftrax live – the room

  1. Like the woman at the end of Manos says, “What a blast”. I would argue that They Saved Hitler’s Brain deserves the Citizen Kane comparison.


    • Just coincidentally – or maybe not so coincidentally – yesterday was Orson Welles’s 100th birthday. BTW, I’ve always thought of They Saved Hitler’s Brain as the Godfather Part II of bad movies. Manos would be bad-moviedom’s Gone With the Wind. 🙂 Just my opinion.


  2. John D.:
    Now THAT is something you don’t hear every day – “the Citizen Kane of BAD movies”…ROFLMAO!
    That ALONE should make it worth a watch…if we dare…heh.

    It does make me wonder how MANY times the guys HAVE to watch the movie when they’re “scripting” them.
    (some flicks HAVE to be painful)

    Good call.

    Stay safe out there.


    • Good question, Bob. I was curious about that myself, so I checked into it. This is from a 2007 interview with Mike Nelson:

      Q: How long does it take you to prepare a RiffTrax? How many times do you have to watch the movie before recording the final track?

      A: It takes just a little bit longer than a week. And though I only watch the movie through a couple of times, each viewing is 3 or 4 days. I may have rewound a particularly vexing Keanu Reeves moment several dozen times before I hit upon the right thing. Try that without going mad.

      You can read the rest of the interview here: http://blog.rifftrax.com/2007/05/23/sfist-interviews-michael-j-nelson-of-rifftrax-and-mst3k/


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