this day in crime history: april 23, 1985


On this date in 1985, one of the most heinous corporate crimes in history was committed: the introduction of New Coke. Coke drinkers were not amused. They gathered up their torches and pitchforks and laid siege to Coca Cola headquarters in Atlanta. OK, not literally, but I have no doubt the thought crossed the minds of millions of Coke drinkers. It was a dark time in history. I’ll always remember it as the time Bill Cosby lied to me.

After 79 days of hiding under their desks, Coca Cola executives relented and did the only sensible thing: they brought back the original recipe, now dubbed Coke Classic. The new formulation was kept on as Coke II, targeted, no doubt at people who wanted a Pepsi-ish drink, but preferred drinking it from a red can for some reason.

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8 thoughts on “this day in crime history: april 23, 1985

  1. John D.:
    And here I was thinking this was a story about a Coke CEO being kidnapped or something…LOL!
    And YES, it WAS a VERY heinous crime against the world (who was taught to sing in perfect harmony…heh)

    “Tried it ONCE…JUST…ONCE”
    (spoken like Danny Vermin)


    Good call.

    Stay safe (and have a REAL Coke and a smile on me) out there.


  2. I remember where I was and what I was doing the day JFK was shot, the day Nixon resigned, and the day they introduced New Coke. Some crimes are burned in your soul.


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