fear the walking dead

The Walking Dead finished for the season just over a week ago. This leaves a huge zombie void in my TV schedule. But things are looking up. This summer, AMC will be releasing Fear The Walking Dead, a spinoff series. Here’s the trailer.

Seriously, AMC? That’s it, a 15 second trailer? Come on, guys, you have to give us more of a taste than that. Summer’s still months away.  😀


4 thoughts on “fear the walking dead

  1. John D.:
    I heard this was to be a sort of “prequel” to the original series.

    From what I read, it takes place right AS the outbreak first hits.
    Might provide some back-story as to WHY and HOW this happened.
    Gonna be hard to top TWD, though.

    And I agree…FIFTEEN SECONDS?
    Need a little MORE, don’t we?

    Good post.

    Roll safe (and zombie-free) out there.


  2. I’m glad that they are starting this on day zero of the outbreak. I think that’s a vital part of the lore that’s missing from The Walking Dead. I understand they wanted to skip that for the show, but there is a vital gap missing in my opinion, and that is, how did they learn to accept that the dead were actually coming back? It would be the single biggest moment in human history. I suspect that’s why the planet get depopulated so quickly; people couldn’t accept what was happening.

    And I like that’s it going to in LA. Lots of new, interesting scenery.


    • Setting it in L.A. definitely opens up some interesting possibilities. It being a major population center, we can count on a lot more walkers and a lot more survivors of various stripes. There will be a lot more potential for action. I doubt FTWD will have too many episodes like the “Hershel’s farm” episodes in TWD.


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