friday movie quote


“If you ain’t out of town by tomorrow morning, you won’t ever leave it except in a pine box.”

-Rico (Edward G. Robinson), Little Caesar (1931)


4 thoughts on “friday movie quote

  1. Jphn D.:
    To me, this is the movie that set the standard for ALL other gangster movies of the era…
    And Edward G. Robinson was one of THE best to get his point across…

    Bogey, Cagney, and George Raft filled out the “mob” in those days…and very well, too.
    Great choice.

    Have a good weekend & stay safe out there.


    • This is one of the three movies from the 30s that set the tone for gangster movies for years to come. The other two are The Public Enemy, with James Cagney, and Scarface, with Paul Muni.


  2. I remember Carol Burnett introducing Edward G. Robinson who was in the audience of one of her shows and saying “We will put on a good show for you – or you’ll kill us”, which got a big laugh. No matter how many law abiding characters he played, it was Rico and the other ganger roles that he will be best remembered for.


    • Yeah, the gangster roles have pretty much overshadowed Robinson’s other work. But he was one hell of an actor who could play a range of roles. The Stranger and Double Indemnity are two of his best non-gangster performances, in my opinion.


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