this day in crime history: january 15, 1947

On this date in 1947, the mutilated remains of a young woman were found in Los Angeles. The woman would soon be identified as Elizabeth Short, an unemployed 22 year old, originally from Massachusetts. The news media would soon dub her the Black Dahlia. The LAPD conducted an exhaustive investigation, but the case remains unsolved.

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4 thoughts on “this day in crime history: january 15, 1947

  1. By coincidence, I’m reading a book called The Black Dahlia Files by Donald Wolfe. (The author claims that he was living in he house next door to Bugsy Siegel when Siegel was killed.)
    Even if you don’t believe his theory of who killed Elizabeth Short (and I find it farfetched), the book is a fascinating study of wartime and early postwar Los Angeles.
    LA at the time was one of the most corrupt cities in America. Added to big-time municipal and police corruption was the criminal infiltration of the movie business and the vice industry fed by the influx of thousands of young horny GIs stationed there during and right after the war. And they were all interconnected.
    I highly recommend it. And I won’t tell you who done it.


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