rifftrax – worst movies of 2014


As 2014 drew to a close, the fine folks over at Rifftrax conducted a poll to determine the worst movies of the year. With over a quarter million votes in, here are the Rifftrax’s Worst Movies of 2014. More than a few of these films are big-budget “blockbusters.” I wonder of there’s a lesson in that for Hollywood… For the record, I have not seen any of those movies, not a one.

If you’re still not clued in to what these Rifftrax people are all about, here’s a sample of their latest, riffs on the movie Wonder Women:

6 thoughts on “rifftrax – worst movies of 2014

  1. Thanks for reminding me about Rifftrax. I don’t watch them nearly enough. I didn’t see any of these movies, but I remember seeing previews of several and thinking with each one, “That’s a skipper.”


  2. Jhn D.:
    I have GOT to check out that polling…I have some ideas as to some of those “worst” flicks…and it seems that 2015 will not be devoid of them either.

    Funny video…thanks.

    And roll safe out there.


  3. The only movie I saw on this list was Noah (on DVD), which I thought was pretty well done. My major complaint is the subplot about Noah threatening to kill his granddaughters (because he wants humans to die out) which starts to resemble a slasher movie. If Rifftrax ever gets around to doing this I will definitely watch. Hopefully those psychos in Paris don’t consider it offensive and try another massacre.


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