this day in crime history: december 29, 1975


On this date in 1975, a bomb was detonated in the TWA baggage claim area at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. Eleven people were killed and seventy-five were injured. A Croatian nationalist emerged as a suspect, but there was never sufficient evidence linking him to the crime. The case remains officially unsolved.

Further reading:

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2 thoughts on “this day in crime history: december 29, 1975

  1. John D.:
    Yeah, people today seem to forget all the other “activities” we had to deal with regarding airline travel WAY back into the 1970s…that’s the earliest I remember the hijackings starting to surface (who wanted to go to Cuba even then?).
    This story shows that many in that part of the world had a grudge against us…for whatever reason.
    They should have just offed the guy, and called it done. If evidence surfaced later, you can always apologize for making a mistake…THAT is something our president can’t seem to bring himself to do.

    Good call.

    Roll safe out there.


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