this day in crime history: november 10, 1924

On this date in 1924, Chicago North Side gang boss Dean O’Banion was shot and killed in the back of the Schofield flower shop (pictured above), which served as his headquarters. Apparently the Chicago Outfit, which ran the South Side, decided it didn’t like the competition. They sent some of the boys to visit O’Banion in his shop. They gunned him down as he was working on a floral arrangement for mob luminary Mike Merlo’s funeral. The hit touched off a gang war between the two factions that would last five years, and would come to an end in the wake of the 1929 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Dean O’Banion Online

Wikipedia – Dean O’Banion

Graveyards of Chicago – Dion “Deany” O’Banion


4 thoughts on “this day in crime history: november 10, 1924

  1. John D.:
    Sure made it easy to get some posies for Dan’s funeral…
    All someone had to do was change the name from Merlo to O’Banion.
    (talk about a “time-saver”…heh)

    Good story.

    Roll safe out there.


  2. According to Rose Keefe’s biography of O’Banion (cleverly titled Guns and Roses), Mike Merlo was opposed to killing him and as boss of the Unione Siciliana, he carried a lot of weight with the Outfit. When he died of cancer, it was open season.


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