this day in crime history: october 23, 1935

On this date in 1935, Arthur “Dutch Schultz” Flegenheimer and three members of his crew were shot in the Palace Chophouse Restaurant in Newark, NJ. Word on the street was the hit on the Dutchman was ordered after he asked NYC mob chieftains for permission to kill prosecutor Thomas E. Dewey (he’s the guy who did NOT defeat Harry S. Truman in the 1948 Presidential election). But let’s face it, the Dutchman had a bunch of enemies, and they each had their own reasons for wanting him dead.

Schultz and his henchmen were taken to a hospital, where they all later died of their wounds. Schultz was reportedly worth about $7 million when he died, but no money was ever found. Rumor had it that Dutch and his bodyguard buried a waterproof safe somewhere in upstate NY.  I haven’t found it yet, but I’m still looking.

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2 thoughts on “this day in crime history: october 23, 1935

  1. John D.:
    Goes to show that getting a DECENT meal in Newark is a study in frustration…

    Then again, Dutch DID have a long line of people wanting to off him.
    Wonder how big the party was that was thrown for the shooter?
    (something tells me Schultz’s assets were more liquid than tangible)

    Very good post.

    Stay safe out there
    (good luck finding that safe, too)


  2. Though Charlie the Bug Workman took credit for shooting Schultz, I and a few like minded individuals believe that the Dutchman was most likely the victim of friendly fire. He had just stepped into the mens room when the killers arrived. The two man hit squad, Workman & Mendy Weiss, had shotguns and a .38. Shotguns to knock em down and the .38 to make sure of it after all were down. Shotguns were fired but Dutch’s boys, though perforated with slugs, whipped out their .45s and chased the gunmen from the premises. It was probably one of their slugs that ripped through the bathroom door and found it’s way into Dutch’s abdomen.


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